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November 2014 Trestleboard

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    Welcome Brethren, Family and Friends to our November Trestleboard. Let me begin with saying that October was an eventful and successful month. The Lodge started off the month with the Annual Manassas Fall Jubilee Celebration and Child I.D. Event. Our Lodge provided 175 children and their families with this invaluable identification piece that, God forbid, could be used in times of emergencies. Of course, this event could not have been accomplished without the indispensable assistance of the Prince William County Sheriff's Office, who worked side by side with our Brethren. Brother and Major Terry Fearnley of the P.W.C.S.O. are to be commended for all their efforts. Thank you Brother Terry, and in addition to this, I would like to personally thank all those who volunteered their time. Thank You to Brothers Bennett Hart, Craig Brady, Doug Dulaney, and Rob McDaniel for all their help. A special Thank You goes out to our DeMolay Trevor Brady and the Rainbow Assembly 313 girls (Selena, Alexi, Gigi, Delanie, and Sydney) for all their great help in measuring and weighing the children. Both of the Manasseh's Child I.D. Events this year were extremely successful. We succeeded in providing a total of 544 families with I.D.'s. Manasseh followed up this great morning by hosting and Ice Cream Social for our Rainbow Girls later on that night, which turned out to be a great success. Everyone appeared to have a great time and there was plenty of ice cream and toppings to go around.

    Our Lodge Halloween Party was a huge success with over thirty in attendance and there were plenty of creepy and spooky costumes on hand. Every family brought a pot luck dish and the children were treated to cider, popcorn, and plenty of candy while going from trunk to trunk in the lodge parking lot. Everyone appeared to have a great time as well. The candy corn spoon was a lot harder than it looked. Games and pumpkin decorating, what else can I say, we had a howling good time! I would like to thank the Lodge Faries (Bob, Cherry, Bill, Leanne, Trevor, Alexis, Darcy, and Kevin) for helping to decorate the lodge this year.

    As we are all aware, November is our Grand Lodge month (November 7-9). Our Stated Communication has been moved to Tuesday, November 4th. So please take some time to read the new resolutions and edicts for the upcoming year. They are available from our Secretary and they are on the Grand Lodge Website. After that, please feel free to contact me with your feedback. This month is a very special month because we will be celebrating Veterans' Day and recognizing the Lodge's many veterans who have served our Great Nation. Manasseh Lodge we be marching this year in the Veterans' Day Parade right here in Old Town Manassas on November 8th. I would like to encourage everyone to participate and come out and march under the new Manasseh Lodge Banner. To sign up and get further details, please contact Brother Bill Rieck, Sr., his number is located in the Trestleboard. In addition to all this, we will be treating our very own District Deputy Grand Master, Carl H. Dunn, Jr., to a special night because it will be his very last visit to any lodge as our District Deputy Grand Master. We are planning a special meal and night for Carl on this momentous occasion so please come out and support our very own.

    Please join me in passing along belated congratulations to our own Brother Doug Dulanley on his election and installation as the High Priest of Manassas Royal Arch Chapter 81. I would also like to pass along to everyone in our Manasseh Family if they could please keep these Brothers in your prayers. Brother Frank "E" Bolton and Worshipful Tom Wickman have been under the weather as on late and we miss them. Godspeed to both of you and a healthy recovery. I hope to see you soon, Brothers.

    On a final note for all the brethren, if you are contemplating a Life Membership in Perpetuity, soon would be the operative word. I know the Grand Lodge will increase its assessment and therefore our Lodge dues will be increasing in the upcoming year. So, if it is within the length of your cable tow, give it some though. The LMIP Program pays your dues and the Grand Lodge for as long as the Grand Lodge will exist. This is a great way to never face dues again as long as you live and save money in the long run.


Clarence H. Nidell
Worshipful Master

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Joseph Martinez

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