Worshipful Master: Joseph H. MartinezSecretary: Carl H.Dunn Jr, PDDGM

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    Wow everyone, it is hard to believe that it is already September, the children are on their way back to school and it seems like before you know it, another year is almost gone by! Where does the time fly? Not only was our August State a smashing success, but the famous Dave Barbeque was an excellent meal as well. Manasseh handed out five academic scholarships to our well deserving students. The recipient of the Floyd "Shorty" Delong Vetter Scholarship was Lauren Mandeville and the recipient of the Jeff Dunn Scholarship was Virginia Harlow. Manasseh Lodge is extremely proud to be contributing to the education of our youth, which will help to ensure a strong future for Masonry as well as our lodge.

    Our lodge will indeed be busy in the upcoming months as we will have two Master Mason degrees; one on August 29th and one on September 8th. I would like to invite all the lodge brethren to come out and show your support for our two newest Master Masons. In addition to all of this, we will have three Entered Apprentice degrees, all of which will be taking place in September as well, and there are more to come. Freemasonry in our lodge and in Northern Virginia as a whole is on the rise and that is fantastic news. Come on out to the lodge and meet these new brethren.

    As we move through the month of September, I would like to invite everyone out to our District 4 Annual Picnic and Blood Drive to be held at Henry Lodge on September 13th. The main event of the blood drive will kick off at 9:00 a.m. followed by the picnic. There will be plenty of food, games, and prizes, along with the Kena Clowns doing what they do best, clowning around! A great time is guaranteed for all, so bring as many people as you can along for the ride.

    As we move further along, our very own Rainbow Assembly No. 13 will be having an Ice Cream Social and Bring-a-Friend Night on October 4th. So, if you know of any young ladies that would be interested in finding out what Rainbow Girls are all about, come join the fun. We will start at 7:00 p.m., so spread the word and come join us for plenty of Ice cream loaded with all the toppings you can eat.

    On October 4th, the Kena Temple will be having their Annual Kena Shriners' Fall Ceremonial, in which Kena initiates its new members in an elaborate ceremony in the morning and that evening the new members join the Nobility and their guests for an outstanding dinner and dance.

    On a final note, I would like to call everyone's attention to a small but important addition to our lodge. The next time you walk into the lodge room, be sure and look to the right, and one can't help but notice the two new additions to our lodge's veteran memorial. There are two brand new American flag display cases made by our very own Right Worshipful Bill Costis. One of the flags donated by our Brother Chris Swihard had been flown over our American Base Anaconda in Iraq in 2005. The other was donated by Brother Douglas Ramsdell in Afghanistan in 2013. Right Worshipful Bill informs me that the wood used to make the displays comes from none other than Charmie Sinclair's personal stockpile and they are beautiful. Make sure to stop by the lodge and check them out. Thank you Right Worshipful for your hard work and dedication.


Clarence H. Nidell
Worshipful Master

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Carl Dunn Jr., PDDGM
Donald L. McAndrews, PDDGM
Cliff Blasius, PM
John D. Stallings, III, PM
Wayne Bentz, PM

Catechism Instructors

Thomas C. Costis, PM
William W. Costis, PDDGM
Douglas Dulaney
John D. Stallings, III, PM
Joseph Martinez

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1968 - L.W. Bolton, Jr.^
1975 - E.W. Herrington, Jr. #
1977 - L.L. Holbrook, Jr. **#
1982 - J.W. Roberson **
1983 - P.A. Dixon
1984 - R.H. Dean **
1986 - P.E. Foote
1990 - M.E. Coleman
1991 - R.H. Dean **
1992 - G.A. Miller, Jr.
1994 - W.W. Costis **
1995 - C.H. Dunn, Jr. **#
1996 - W.B. Glisson
1997 - W.E. Keyton
1998 - J.S. Holbrook
1999 - W.F. Seller#
2000 - D.S. Lavery
2001 - D.L. McAndrews**#
2002 - P.J. Martin
2003 - D.C. McAndrews
2004 - R.H. Dean **
2005 - J.S. Holbrook
2006 - W.K. Edwards
2007 - J.A. Meador
2008 - J.D. Stallings, III
2009 - A.W. Bentz
2010 - A.M. Elliott
2011 - M.A. Cook
2012 - J.W. Mitchell, Jr.
2013 - J.H. Phillip
2014 - C.H. Nidell
2015 - B.R. Hart
2016 - C.A. Swihart
2017 - C.A. Swihart
2018 - C.H. Nidell
2019 - P.J. Sommers
2020 - T.W. Costis
2021 - T.W. Costis
2022 - J.H. Martinez

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L.W. Bolton *^
W.W. Costis **
C.H. Dunn, Jr. **
L.L. Holbrook, Jr. **
P.H. Fishell *
E.B. Harlow #

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T.G. Evans #
J.P. Jones #
W.E. Kirby ^
E.J. Klingenfuss *^^
W.C. McCalla, II #
R.E. Riggle #
J.W. Roberson #
H.A. Whisenant #
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